​Granite with Amber Garnet

  A total of only 400 puzzles were commissioned with Lewis, after which the exhausted molds will be discontinued.  A majority of puzzles are Granite with Amber Garnet stones, but a handful of specialty variations were also available at additional artist prices.    The overall quality of these puzzles is such that Lewis' production hallmark is proudly displayed next to the Stickman Logo on all puzzle crafted.

​Puzzle Variations

Puzzle Purchasing

   With hammer and anvil these whimsical Golem Hearts are tinkered by dwarves from rare stones found deep within the depths of their mountain.   

    According to lore, Golem Hearts wield ancient magic that is said to animate rock to into living and obedient servants, if only one could perceive how to properly assemble it! 

($185.00 + Shipping)

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    Puzzles come unassembled in a transparent display frame, which can later be used to display the puzzle in its solved garnet position if desired. 

Stickman Golem Heart Puzzle

​Unassembled Pieces

    Granite with Amber Garnet versions of this puzzle are currently available for immediate shipping.  Contact Robert at ( Stickmanbox@att.net ) with shipping information to receive an invoice for purchase.  If you have already reserved one of the specialty versions, you will be contacted as your puzzle is completed.

                                   Please note that international purchases will likely include additional customs fees upon arrival.


Included Display Frame

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​The Artists

Artist Hallmarks

​The Lore

    From the mind of Robert Yarger comes this unique and insanely difficult interlocking puzzle.  Though known mostly for his work in wood, not every puzzle design is best suited to it.  To find the perfect medium and artist for his Golem Hearts, Robert journeyed across the pond to enlist the talents of Lewis Evans. 

    Master Evans' expertise in resin casting is on the level of being an art form, and for this project he has developed a special proprietary technique we refer to as Fossilite ®.  The result is material that resembles the look, texture, and heft of actual stone. 

    Lewis Evans  - enquiries@pdmodels.co.uk

​Puzzle Description

    This 7-piece interlocking puzzle is not for the faint of heart.  It can be extremely challenging to solve, (8 out of 10 in difficulty), and requires a minimum of at least 23 steps to fully assemble.  Puzzle measures 2" (5 cm) cubed.  It and internal gems are constructed of cast resin.

    For those fortunate enough to have a Stickman Snowflake, this puzzle is somewhat similar, in that it shares a few of its sequential steps.  The Snowflake, however, requires 6 steps to open from its fully assembled position, while the Golem Heart requires 14.        

​The Dwarf

​The Golem

  Various Puzzle Versions  With

    Their Gemstones Removed.