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Sold Out

Stickman No. 16 (Domino) Reproduction

Stickman No. 9 (Snowflake) Reproduction

Future Original Designs

Original versions of new Stickman Puzzleboxes are not being sold publically at this time. 

Sold Out

Stickman Chopstick Puzzleboxes (No. 13)

Currently Available

Puzzle Purchasing

Pecan/ Walnut

Stickman No. 5 (Borg Box) Reproduction


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A very limited number of Stickman Chopstick Puzzleboxes are currently available.  Chopsticks are non-toxic, waterproof, and fully functional for use as eating utensils.  They are enclosed in a decorative puzzle box case, requiring a minimum of 7 secret steps to retrieve both sticks.  (For a more detailed description, see the No. 13 puzzle box in this website's puzzle gallery). 

A few of these puzzle boxes are still available in the above versions for $150.00.  Domestic shipping is free.  International shipping is an additional $25.  Contact the artist directly at for payment options.  Box measures 10” x 1” x 1”.  They are stamped with a Stickman hallmark, and come with its own solution card. 



Random Drawing Winners.

Sold Out




Sold Out

Occasionally, sold out versions of past puzzles are reproduced by various woodworkers.  Generally, these are exceptionally in quality, and provide an option for collectors unable to obtain an original due to such limited quantities.

When such puzzles become available, individual contact information for the craftsman, or purchase information for their reproduction, will be provided below. 

Some Stickman puzzles have also been re-designed into 3D printable format and can be ordered through Shapeways.  Information on purchasing these is listed below.   

All correspondence in regards to these puzzles should be directed to the preproduction craftsmen.